50 years ago, SPAR pioneered data based retail analytics. Responding to client requests, we soon applied our retail knowledge to merchandising. Today we are the world’s leader in retail merchandising and field marketing services, getting more of our clients’ products out of the store, more effectively, more efficiently and more profitably.
We offer three categories of retail service to fit the specific needs of every client:
Regularly scheduled continuity service to meet our Retailer, Manufacturer and Distributor partners’ unique needs. The combination of our broad national – and international – coverage, focused personnel, efficient operations and state-of-the-art technology make us an ideal partner for these large-scale programs.
Syndicated Services
No other retail services company offers our level of flexibility to support your key projects when and how you need them supported, including new product launches, seasonal/promotional services, major category resets, and new store openings.
Project Services
The scope of work for some clients requires more than continuity. It requires dedication. We have the personnel, scale and coverage, nationally and internationally, to provide merchandising teams dedicated to the needs of specific clients.
Dedicated Services
And, we provide a variety of retail services:


In-store merchandising is at the core of everything we do. Our business is dedicated to and continually investing in it. Our management is focused on it. And, our people developed specifically for it. 

We are the global merchandising leader, providing world class merchandising services across six continents to the grocery, drug, big box, discount/dollar, office supercenter, warehouse/club, specialty, pet, department and convenience/gas channels.

Our SPARtrac® Retail Service Operations System assures speed, efficiency, and real-time reporting that are at the forefront of the merchandising industry.

Our unwavering goal is to maximize the amount of product you move out of the store by maximizing your brand presence in-store.

Just how often are we in store?


Field Associates
around the globe


Store Visits
per week


Hours In Store
each year

All with a nearly 99% Execution Rate


Merchandising Services

Merchandising Services

Category Resets
We routinely conduct full category resets in regional and national retailers encompassing millions of SKUs across hundreds of thousands of linear feet of shelves.

Clients benefit from our speed, accuracy and efficiency. We can execute full chain resets faster than store personnel, done to retailer Planogram specifications, within budget, and without disrupting shoppers, thus enabling our clients to generate faster sales.
Speed To
Shelf ®
(cut ins)
With SPAR’s Speed To Shelf ® program, you are assured the scale, experience, operational expertise and SPEED to make sure your new items and new releases are cut into thousands of locations quickly, routinely within a single day. Real-time data capture and reporting allow us to also take corrective action on your behalf quickly, which means your products can sell faster.
Inventory Services
Includes product replenishment, returns, out-of-stock identification, order processing and fulfillment.
Planogram Maintenance
We handle tens of thousands of Planograms every year, from initial setup to extensive resets, ensuring that the right products are in the right place at the right time for optimal shopability.

We not only do initial setup and extensive resets, but also ongoing Planogram maintenance to assure consistent shelf presence, make sure all products are well tagged, and identify and correct out-of-stocks.
We execute price changes and mark-downs on specific SKUs and shelf labels, ensuring accurate price points on all items to maximize sales and profits.
Fixture Installations & Service
Services range from installing new fixtures, endcaps and gondolas to maintenance and trait reporting. Our proprietary SPARtrac technology allows us to track every single one of your fixtures to assure they are being fully utilized and replenished.
Kiosk Service & Fulfillment
We replenish, service and fulfill all types of self-service kiosks, from ensuring full functionality to maintaining proper inventory levels and placing new releases/items.
Promotion Services
Includes installation, setup and service of POP displays, endcaps and full promotional merchandising.


Over the past few years, our Great OpeningsSM teams have completed more than 10,000 new store openings, resets and remodels, including fixture changes, banner conversions and full build-outs. We also conduct store downsizings, closings and major reflow initiatives.

We understand and deliver against the need for speed and accuracy. Using proprietary systems, we manage and control logistics, scheduling, reporting and budget so our experienced Great OpeningsSM teams can complete stores faster and more efficiently – allowing our clients to be ready sooner and generate profits faster.


SPAR began as a retail data provider. We were the first to introduce it. Data is part of our DNA. For half of a century, we’ve led the way in collecting critical data and providing actionable business intelligence to increase product take-away and profits.

We know the importance of timeliness of the data and are committed to quick set-up and delivery of it. Therefore, we partner directly with global and national retailers in all channels to perform a variety of audit services. When opportunities are identified, our audit team can take required action immediately.

SPAR Audit Services include: 
Verify brand and competitive pricing, monitor specific SKU price data in specific markets, check promotional pricing and everyday price changes, and ensure pricing accuracy and consistency.
Provide powerful analytics: pricing challenges and opportunities, pricing trends over time, promotional pricing versus everyday pricing, solutions by channel, geography, price range, category, etc.
Price Audits
Validate store compliance with corporate branding, Planograms, signage and product placement; collect inventory levels and out-of-stock status.
Brand Compliance
Verify displays, POS materials and store promotions.
Point of Sale Compliance
Verify product advertisements and digital content are placed and running at out-of-network venues such as physician’s offices, gas stations and fitness centers.
Out-of-Network Advertisement Compliance


We offer in-store event and demonstration services internationally, providing our global clients scale, consistency in execution, and a central system for planning and tracking.

Our 25,000+ global field force is supported with an intensive eKnowledge system. Our SPARtrac technology system improves logistics, planning, management and reporting. Each client has real-time access to results of the demo activity, customers sampled, coupons distributed and case sales down to the store level.



SPAR Assembly & Installation – formerly National Assembly Services – has been performing Ready To Assemble (RTA) and fixture installation services for more than
20 years.

We conduct In-Home/Office and On-Site assembly services in both residential and business environments. In addition, we provide In-Store Assembly, Installation, Repackaging and other services for manufacturer and retail partners.

In all, our professional, experienced, fully insured technicians build over 1MM+ items per year, including furniture, home entertainment centers, fitness equipment, outdoor equipment and much more.

Best of all, our Quality Assurance is backed with a 30-day Workmanship Warranty.

To learn more about SPAR Assembly & Installation, [Click Here]


In the new Omnichannel retail environment, shoppers look at all channels as one, they expect it to be quick and easy to find what they’re looking for in store, they expect to be actively engaged by a knowledgeable Sales Associate, and if they don’t get what they want, your competition is available right in the palm of their hands.

Add to that operational Omnichallenges such as in-store pick-up of online orders, ship-from-store fulfillment, merchandising realignment, increased inventory management and maintenance of in-store digital/mobile components, and you get growing retail labor and margin pressures.

A recent study by retail research firm EKN revealed that only 30% of retail labor hours are currently spent on the top two objectives of Sales and Customer Service. Yet, with the increased competition and consumer demands, those two objectives are increasingly important.

SPAR can help retailers and manufacturers increase the productivity and efficiency of their Omnichannel service through well-managed outsourcing. We provide a full range of back-end Omniservices to free up Sales Associates, including inventory management, merchandising services, and installation and maintenance of digital/mobile components. We also provide customer services such as Sales Assist and SPAR Click & Pick. 


Retailers can use SPAR’s Click & Pick service for both in-store pick-up of online orders and fulfillment of ship-from-store orders while their Sales Associates concentrate on servicing in-store customers. SPAR Click & Pick Specialists can provide the picking of orders, in-store pick-up customer service, preparation of ship-from-store shipments, and inventory replenishment.

Service can be dedicated, scheduled and customized to your specific needs. In addition, SPAR Click & Pick Specialists can provide additional merchandising services such as shelf/display maintenance, inventory management and stock replenishment while in store.


We’re changing the way companies ensure their merchandising is compliant across the country – and across the globe – quicker and more efficiently.

Working with our clients across the globe, we’ve identified a key need for quick-turn services for a number of situations.

For some, such as new product introductions, timed releases, promotions and seasonal high traffic periods, assuring product availability and compliance across full distribution can mean the difference between success and failure. But sending Merchandising Specialists to check on every single store that carries the product can be costly and inefficient when issues are on a store-by-store basis.

For these wide-scale, quick-turn situations, SPAR has pioneered a groundbreaking service called CROWDMERCHANDISINGSM

CROWDMERCHANDISINGSM combines the cost-efficient scale of crowdsourced shoppers performing store audits with the service quality of skilled Merchandising Specialists dispatched to ONLY those stores that need it. By partnering with crowdsourcing companies around the globe, we send a quick-response crowd of shoppers into stores armed with a smartphone app and some basic audit questions. They check conditions such as out-of-stocks and Planogram, display and promotion compliance based on your custom criteria.

The data is quickly analyzed and processed via our proprietary SPARtrac® Operations System and Merchandising Specialists are deployed to ONLY those stores where issues have been identified. This unique service allows you to cover a large amount of stores quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively – saving your company precious time and maximizing sales.
Check out a quick video [HERE]

In addition to CROWDMERCHANDISINGSM, we have other Quick-Turn merchandising services available that do not include the use of crowdsourced shoppers for audits, including:
  • New item placement: swap vs. reset
  • Display building: corrugate, sidekick, end-cap
  • Audit services: price for 1-10 SKUs, compliance, picture
  • POP Placement: IRC, shelf talkers/danglers, display signage
  • Product Recalls: search and remove, disposition-specific returns
  • Return to Vendor (RTV): 1-10 SKUs, pull and count product, box and label



We not only support brand marketers in their constant quest to get their brands seen and purchased by shoppers, we also provide a complete array of services to Retail clients.

As retailers and manufacturers both strive for greater efficiency and retailers seek more control over their store environment, the traditional merchandising model is evolving. For some retailers,  multiple merchandisers representing multiple brands with separate agendas is no longer the optimum way to achieve the retail results needed. 

TeamTotalSM is an exclusive SPAR service to provide a dedicated Total Solution for Retail Needs that ultimately benefits both the retailer and manufacturer. We provide one resource, aligned with the retailer’s interest, dedicated to its stores, but held accountable to all for hours spent and services delivered. This approach drives costs out of the current system while creating a more efficient use of labor resources and alignment with the shopping environment.

Key benefits include:
  • Cost savings through more efficient use of in-store labor
  • Increased sales through faster product placements and project completions
  • Alignment with store environment
  • Retailer directed and controlled but still accountable to all manufacturers
  • One Dedicated Merchandising Team working all your stores
  • Leading edge SPARtrac® Retail Service Operations System to enhance efficiency, planning, scheduling, accountability, management and reporting