What is Retail Merchandising in 2018?

A Crash Course on Retail Merchandising

Retail: a simple six letter word that holds massive importance. Industries throughout the country and around the world deeply rely on this business model in order to collect profit from selling specialized consumer goods or services. The buyers of these commodities, commonly labeled as the “consumer,” are the driving force behind a businesses’ acquisition of economic growth. It is through them where a retailer experiences commercial success. A large part of acquiring a loyal customer base and increasing conversions all at once begins with the retail environment. We’ll discuss some details on what retail merchandising really is and why it’s so important for retailers in 2018 and beyond.

What is Retail Merchandising?

Simply put, retail merchandising is the process of deciding the best way for a retailer to efficiently sell a product. Generally speaking, the customers themselves have a monetary value in the eyes of a retailer. In order to sculpt them into repeat buyers, unique tactics must be taken to create that loyalty. Creating an inviting atmosphere to attract customers is performed in efforts to inspire conversions in the form of a sale. With aesthetics included, a retailer must provide ease of fulfillment in regards to supply and demand in a designated market. This assists in making their location the go-to option through well-planned pricing, promotion, access to product, store layout and overall branding. The main goal is to make sure your product or service is what a customer associates with trustworthy and reliable fulfillment. This relationship boosts brand experience and lays the groundwork for future sales.

What Can a Retail Merchandiser Do?

In efforts to establish a well-designed brand experience, partnering with a retail merchandiser is the first step in the process. This will provide a business with comprehensive assistance and merchandising oversight. Through this service, a retail merchandiser can help increase sales through subtle store changes with a single category to large remodeling endeavors. Their management will profitably guide a business and focus on all retail opportunities to increase sales.

The Benefits of Merchandising Solutions

The benefits of meticulously planned merchandising solutions and strategies can be summed up into three basic components. The following will list and briefly discuss these factors.

  • Creating Space & Fine-Tuning a Layout: Merchandising solutions will make the most of a retail space without moving or renovating. It will give the illusion that the area is much larger with streamlined organization.
  • Attract Customers: The new aesthetics of the location will please the customer’s eye, attract visitors into the store to the product and create a positive experience.
  • Increase Sales: Shoppers are more likely to purchase items in a store that’s clean, well organized, well stocked and friendly.


How Does a Retail Merchandising Plan Help a Business?

A retail-merchandising plan is created to fit seamlessly into a new retail strategy. The goal is to create a one-of-a-kind shopping experience with long-term sustainability versus that of a competitor or on-line option. The merchandising plan devises solutions that benefit both the business and the customer. The extensive knowledge on a market’s demand for specific store product(s) allows them to be perfectly in-tune with current industry trends and shifts in order to satisfy the needs of a larger market and expand a business. Retail merchandisers execute on that plan.

National Retail Merchandising Service

There’s a reciprocal goal that both retailers and consumers share. Retailers have value in their customers, so they must make sure their product exemplifies that trait in order for customers to understand the value of their store and brand. As a global leader in world class retail solutions, SPAR focuses on quality execution of fundamental all aspects for in-store merchandising. We’ll create a retail strategy that encompasses your retail merchandising goals with a solution that delivers results.Through assembly and installation to designing new store sets for your brand, SPAR is dedicated to being the full-service retail merchandiser you need. Please contact us today for more information.