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In the world of retail, changes happen right before our eyes every day. Retail stores are always looking to evolve, and the key to making the best decisions for your store is staying on top of trending retail news. Here are some interesting recent retail news stories that we’ve been following at SPAR!

Whole Foods to Cut Plastic Use

Eco-friendly trends are beginning to reach the retail sphere, with Whole Foods announcing their new environmentally-conscious plans on May 20th. The grocery chain announced that they will no longer be offering plastic straws at its juice bars, coffee bars, and cafes, and will be making the switch to paper straws in July. The store will also be cutting down on plastic usage in other ways, including using smaller plastic bags for produce and replacing their current rotisserie chicken bags with ones that use 70% less plastic. Whole Foods’ chief merchandising officer AC Gallo said that these efforts will “eliminate an estimated 800,000 pounds of plastic annually.” These efforts are similar to those being undertaken by Starbucks, Disney, and McDonald’s, so it is likely that more and more retailers will begin switching to more eco-friendly practices in the future.

Urban Outfitters Announces Clothing Rental Program

Those who’d love to wear an outfit once and then exchange it for a new one are in luck- Urban Outfitters recently announced that they’ll be launching a new clothing rental service this summer, called Nuuly. This service will cost $88 a month and will allow customers to borrow six items from the Urban Outfitters brand. With mall traffic dropping, Urban Outfitters may see this effort as a way to bring more customers to their stores, and keep them coming back throughout each month. According to GlobalData Retail’s UK Sustainability 2019 report, consumers often pass the sustainability responsibility on to retailers. A clothing rental service such as this ties back to the global focus on sustainability and best practices, which could draw the attention of those who may have never visited Urban Outfitters before.

ShopRite Opens “State-of-the-Art” Grocery Store in Connecticut

ShopRite seems to be expanding the products and services they provide to customers, with a new full-service store opening in Cornwall, CT at the end of May. The store gives customers access to a culinary center for cooking classes, an on-site dietician, in-store dining spots, and a section dedicated to organic, local, and gluten-free foods, plus all the elements of a traditional ShopRite. This particular store is also taking steps to save energy by using LED lighting and environmentally-friendly systems for refrigeration. With much more to offer than a regular grocery store, ShopRite’s goal with this new location may be to draw in customers who don’t usually visit the store, as well as keep customers coming back by providing services that can’t be found in grocery stores elsewhere. The prevalence of organic options is also a strong selling point, with many people today looking to switch their eating habits in a more positive direction.

SPAR’s Take

Whether the topic is environmental consciousness, the cultural shift to rent versus buy, or new stores that simply continue to push the envelope – retail continues to be about two things – increasing basket size and driving more visits to the store. Retailers are trying anything and everything they can think of with these two goals in mind – always! As a company that provides a reset, remodel and refresh services to retailers – these new initiatives are both exciting and challenging. We look forward to what the future holds as retail continues through the changes we are experiencing.

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