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Have you checked the news lately? At SPAR, we’re always paying attention to the latest and greatest news in the world of retail. Here are some of the most recent stories that have caught our attention!

Kohl’s Launches Adaptive Clothing Line

Adaptive clothing, which includes elements designed for people with disabilities, is a growing market, and for good reason. Clothes that fall under this umbrella are meant to be easier to wear for those in wheelchairs and with a range of needs, including sensory sensitivities, feeding tubes, and more. Kohl’s recently announced a new line of adaptive clothing aimed at infants through young adults- the company worked with families of kids with special needs to ensure that the new options cover all the bases. Adaptive designs were added to three of Kohl’s kids’ clothing lines- Jumping Beans, SO, and Urban Pipeline. The Kohl’s team also took care to ensure that this new line of clothing was as fashionable as the other clothes they sell. Graphic artwork and other details of the clothes were kept consistent with their core lines, which can make a big difference for kids who will benefit from the adaptive clothing options. As of right now, this new line is only available online.

Best Buy Enters the Fitness Industry

Have you ever considered picking up a workout bike as you’re shopping for a new TV? Best Buy recently announced its plans to create a “dedicated fitness space” n their stores, where they will be selling high-tech fitness devices and machines. These products will include spin bikes, a compression recovery system, rowing machines, and more, and can be expected in more than 100 stores by the end of 2019. The products that Best Buy plans to sell aren’t just your run of the mill workout machines- they’re meant to “virtually connect” users with fitness trainers, workout classes, and more. The new fitness spaces in Best Buy stores will be staffed with in-home experts, who will be able to answer questions, aid with purchase decisions, and even help install the items in your home. These high-tech fitness items are already available on Best Buy’s website.

Lululemon Announces New Skincare Line

Another brand exploring new sales categories is Lululemon, who is known for its trendy athleticwear. The brand recently announced their new skincare line, called Selfcare, which will be sold on the Lululemon and Sephora websites. The line of products, which is branded to “solve some of life’s sweatiest problems,” consists of four products that are designed to help you freshen up after a workout- without having to take a shower. The products are designed with special seals and soft coating so they can be easily carried in gym bags, and due to their ingredients, they were certified “Clean at Sephora.” The company stated that one of their focuses has always been solving the needs of athletes, and it’s clear that they are looking to move past the workout itself and provide items for the moment you step off the treadmill. With their eyes clearly on category expansion, we can only guess which market Lululemon will look to enter next.

SPAR’s Take

Retail continues to change, with the retailers that are nimble and flexible trying to stay out in front. This couldn’t be clearer than the examples from these news stories. Kohls is again first to the party with adaptive clothing – a fantastic example of reaching underserved markets. I don’t know what the size of the prize is in this space – but Kohls is smart enough to understand that by providing solutions to moms is what it is all about. Best Buy is continuing to take a leadership role in their market and betting on the success of Peloton to open new and higher profit sales to their base – tech-savvy consumers. This is a brilliant move by a retailer that has completely re-invented themselves over the past several years. And finally – Lululemon – another retailer that has faced significant challenges recently. The brilliance of this move is the partnership with Sephora. Teaming up with a recognized beauty brand was a very, very smart move in this ultra-competitive category. How long before you see a small Sephora counter inside all of the Lululemon stores?

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