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When was the last time you checked out the trending news of the retail industry? If you’re involved in the world of retail, you should always have an eye on the news, and SPAR is here to help make that easier! Here are some of the latest stories that we’ve been following.

7-Eleven Updates its Offerings

There’s no doubt that 7-Eleven is a leader in terms of convenience stores in the US. The chain is known for the most significant part of its name- convenience- but recent changes indicate that it wants to be more than that. Recent 7-Eleven updates include the addition of a private wine label, Keto and paleo-friendly snacks (at certain Los Angeles locations), and most notably, a delivery service to public spaces. Through the 7-Eleven “7NOW” app, Slurpee-cravers can order whatever they want and have it delivered to one of over 2,000 “hot spots,” which include places like popular public parks and beaches. Delivery will cost a flat fee of $3.99, and the store promises an average wait time of 30 minutes. 7-Eleven will be partnering with Postmates for this new delivery system- do you think you’ll use it?

Reebok Enters the Maternity Market

Reebok has been moving beyond shoes and into the activewear industry lately, and in June, they’ve gone even further with the addition of a maternity collection. The company is advertising this new line as being focused on the “stretch” of the clothes, which means that they’re designed to fit all throughout pregnancy. Rather than buying new athleticwear every couple of months, expectant moms will be able to stay comfortable in Reebok’s maternity tights and tank top from the beginning until the end of their pregnancy. The tights feature an extended waistband and stretchable nylon spandex material, and the tank is soft and seamless for complete comfort. These new products are currently offered in black and navy (with more colors coming soon) and will be available globally this fall.

Target Gets Ready for Back to School Season

We’ve barely even entered July, but retail is all about being ahead of the game, and back to school season is no exception. Target recently announced the expansion of its uniform section with the children’s line Cat & Jack, and the addition of a “More Than Magic” line, which will be made up of clothes, school supplies, and more aimed at tween girls. Target will also be catering to the college crowd by adding Back to College sections in more than 700 stores near college campuses countrywide. This area of the store will function almost as another shopping space within Target itself- students headed back to their dorms will be able to pick up bedding, bath, kitchen items, and more. It seems like parents and students start their back to school shopping earlier and earlier each year, and Target is clearly ready for it!

SPAR’s Take

Convenience is what retail is all about these days – and this story is a perfect example of that.  Catering to the “I want it now” consumer – have a craving for a Slurpee – get it delivered. However, the 7-Eleven program isn’t free – will it last – will consumers pay for the service?  Time will tell.

Everyone is looking for new markets to expand their services or products – and Reebok is doing exactly that – looking to find an underserved consumer.  Moms-to-be have limited options out there and craving new and better products – will Reebok be able to deliver?

Target has done back-to-school and back-to-college better than most, and this year is no exception.  Private label drives profitability, and college is a HUGE opportunity – with college shoppers starting to buy for their dorms as early as April – no kidding!  Target has also historically run a fantastic experiential program around colleges to bring in the students – so expansion of their selections is no surprise – the money spent on Back to College for some retailers rivals their Christmas sales.

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