What’s Trending in Retail in September 2019?

woman standing in leaves in the fall holding shopping bags

The weather might still be warm, but fall is in full swing, which means that we are getting closer and closer to entering the holiday shopping season. If you want your retail store to thrive this year, next year, and all the years to come, you need to be aware of the industry and what is going on in all corners of retail. We know how busy you must be, so one of our goals as a retail merchandising company is to keep an eye on the retail news for you. Here are some of the most interesting stories we’ve been following this September!

American Dream Aims to Revive the Mall Experience

Have you ever heard of a mall (or any retail space, for that matter) that took 16 years to finish? Come October, you’ll find one in New Jersey. Malls outside of the United States are often more elaborate, expansive spaces than anything found here, but American Dream will be changing things up and following in their footsteps. This 3.3 million square foot space won’t just be for retail though- along with the standard retail shops and restaurants, this mall will be home to the largest indoor theme park in the Western Hemisphere, the second-largest indoor water park in the world, an NHL-regulation ice rink, an aquarium, a LEGOLand Discovery Center, and much, much more. According to the CEO of Triple Five Group (the developer of American Dream), the creation of an entertainment-based retail environment is nothing but good news for the over 450 stores that the mall will feature. He said, “we’ve known for a long time that retail isn’t just about retail. Our experience has been that, when you create a nucleus of really cool entertainment and experiences, people are going to come. And when they come, they shop.” There’s no doubt that people from all over the country are going to be flocking to American Dream when it opens on October 25, and it will be interesting to see which retailers have the greatest success in this new space.

Uniqlo to Create Sustainable Clothes

We’ve heard quite a bit about retailers doing their part to reduce plastic bag use and take on more eco-friendly business practices, but Uniqlo is taking sustainability to a new level. The fashion retailer recently announced that they have plans to begin creating clothes from recycled plastic bottles, and using recycled down in their popular down jackets. Japanese manufacturer Toray will be helping Uniqlo with this endeavor, with the initial rollout of these items coming next year. The company will be hand-recycling old down jackets, and the collection of plastic bottles will lead to the creation of a fast-drying fabric that will be used for t-shirts and other clothing items. The materials gathered from recycled PET bottles help create a fabric that can easily wick away moisture, so it sounds like this sustainability effort will be bringing consumers new items that are both earth-friendly and comfortable.

Walmart Relaunches Boutique Fashion Brand

Walmart isn’t necessarily known for its retail fashion footprint, but the retailer is looking to change that. Scoop, which was a popular clothing shop with 16 locations in NYC (and a fan-favorite of Manhattan fashion influencers), closed its doors three years ago but is being brought back to life by Walmart. Walmart recently attained the rights to the Scoop name and is relaunching the brand as a private label in its stores and online. Scoop items will be offered at Walmart for much more affordable prices than in the brand’s past life, and the line will feature more than 100 items, from graphic tees to faux fur coats. Head of Walmart’s fashion business Denise Incandela said of the adoption of Scoop, “we’ve been focused on establishing Walmart as a destination for fashion- a place where our customers can discover stylish items that are accessible.” Shoppers throughout the country can find Scoop items on the Walmart website as soon as the end of September and in physical stores early next year.

SPAR’s Take

Retail is and will continue to be exciting. Here in NJ we have been waiting for the opening of American Dream for a very long time – and it is finally going to happen – almost. The retail portion isn’t coming until 2020 – but when it does open the entire facility is going to be amazing.  Moreover, this development is a living, breathing example of the direction retail has been going in, and will continue to go – experiential. Experiential retail is here to stay – and we all better be ready to get on board.

Reach New Retail Heights with SPAR

We hope these stories got you thinking about what your own retail store can do to stay ahead of the game! We’ll be back with more retail news updates soon, but we want to do everything we can to help your retail space thrive this busy holiday shopping season. With years of retail experience, SPAR proudly offers assembly & installation, merchandising solutions, programmatic services, and store sets & remodels, so your retail space can stay as up to date and shopper-friendly as possible. We would love to work with you and help bring your store to the next level, so don’t hesitate to contact us today to learn more about what we do and our retail impact!