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What’s New in Retail in 2020?

At SPAR, we hope that the start of the new decade is going great for everyone reading. Whether you have been in business for years and have a loyal customer base or you’re planning on expanding in 2020, staying up to date on the news of the industry can give you new ideas and insights.

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2019 End of Year Retail Recap from SPAR

The beginning of a new year is always an exciting time, and at SPAR, we want to celebrate with you! Congratulations on making it through the busy holiday shopping season. We hope your store thrived throughout December and all of 2019, and will continue to do so in 2020. With this new decade might come

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Signs Your Store Needs a Remodel

And Tips To Stay Open During It According to the National Retail Federation, retail sales have grown nearly 4 percent annually since 2010, with over 1 million retail brick and mortar stores competing with millions more retailers online. As 2020 approaches it is clear that retail will continue to thrive and change. As evidenced by

How to Prepare for Your New Store Opening

How SPAR Can HELP? The opening of new stores means business is healthy and you see opportunity. Continued expansion means new territory and new revenue. But with expansion carries risk. Failed execution of new stores can mean the loss of significant revenue and time. Considering the following checklist when you are planning your expansion. Then,

Fall 2019 Retail News Updates

Whether you work with a popular clothing retailer with stores across the country or you run a unique shop that is one of a kind, staying on top of the news of the industry is crucial to success. Tracking other retailers’ successes, failures, and innovations can help to motivate and inspire you when it comes

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What’s Trending in Retail in September 2019?

The weather might still be warm, but fall is in full swing, which means that we are getting closer and closer to entering the holiday shopping season. If you want your retail store to thrive this year, next year, and all the years to come, you need to be aware of the industry and what

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Trending Retail News: Stay Informed with SPAR

As we move faster and faster towards the busiest time of year for retail, we at SPAR have been paying extra close attention to the latest retail news stories to shake up the industry. While some retailers struggle, others are doing whatever they can to stand out and draw in as many new and returning

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Retail News Updates: August 2019

The summer may be coming to an end, but the world of retail never stops. As we move closer and closer to one of the busiest times of year, we at SPAR have been keeping track of the latest news to shake up the retail industry. It’s a great idea to pay attention to what’s

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What to Consider When Remodeling Your Retail Store

The objective of retail store design is to positively impact customer experience and create value. As a retailer, it is important to recognize if and when your store could benefit from a remodel. Every commercial space has its limitations when it comes to setting up your store for the optimal shopping experience. The first step

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Trending Retail News: July 2019

The lazy days of summer don’t mean a pause in the retail industry – stores and retailers are trying new things and making waves every day! Keeping up with the latest retail news is one of the best ways to keep you ahead of the game and ensure that you never fall behind your competition.

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Trending Retail News – Stay Up to Date with SPAR Inc.

When was the last time you checked out the trending news of the retail industry? If you’re involved in the world of retail, you should always have an eye on the news, and SPAR is here to help make that easier! Here are some of the latest stories that we’ve been following. 7-Eleven Updates its

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What’s Trending in the World of Retail?

While you’re busy making sure that your store is operating at its highest potential (which you definitely should be doing!), you might be missing out on some of the latest retail news stories. Staying up to date on the news will help you stay ahead of the game when it comes to the next big

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Retail News Updates from SPAR Inc.

Have you checked the news lately? At SPAR, we’re always paying attention to the latest and greatest news in the world of retail. Here are some of the most recent stories that have caught our attention! Kohl’s Launches Adaptive Clothing Line Adaptive clothing, which includes elements designed for people with disabilities, is a growing market,

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Retail Industry News – Stay Up to Date with SPAR

The retail industry is constantly changing and evolving. At SPAR, we want to keep you up to date on the latest news, so you are always able to make the best possible decisions for your store. Here are some of the latest retail news stories that we’ve been following! Kohl’s Expands Amazon Returns Program Kohl’s

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Retail Industry News – Stay Up to Date with SPAR

  In the world of retail, changes happen right before our eyes every day. Retail stores are always looking to evolve, and the key to making the best decisions for your store is staying on top of trending retail news. Here are some interesting recent retail news stories that we’ve been following at SPAR! Whole

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5 Reasons to Use a Professional On-Site Assembly Team

There will come a time where your home, business or professional facility needs new furniture and equipment. Purchasing the product is the simple part, but assembly tends to be where challenges arise. Often a task that cannot be accomplished due to complexity or overwhelming quantity, know that there is a comprehensive solution to all assembly

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What is Retail Merchandising in 2018?

A Crash Course on Retail Merchandising Retail: a simple six letter word that holds massive importance. Industries throughout the country and around the world deeply rely on this business model in order to collect profit from selling specialized consumer goods or services. The buyers of these commodities, commonly labeled as the “consumer,” are the driving