Movie Release Timeliness

Seamless Execution - Right People, Right Place, Right Time

For the major movie studios, it is imperative that new DVD and Blu-Ray releases are available to and catch the attention of shoppers on the release date. In an industry projecting $10 Billion in sales in 20151, as much as 50%+ happens within the first week of a release2.

For more than 20 years, SPAR has been successfully getting every major studio to the “retail show” on time – placing product, displays and P.O.P. Our one-day new release blitzes cover over 6,000 stores with an execution rate over 99.5% and Day 1 sales as much as 50%+ higher than forecast.

In addition, we continue to manage full inventory of 25MM+ items throughout the year, including low inventory and out-of-stock management, 10MM+ returns processed for open-to-buy, cycle count execution and full physical inventories, providing critical store and SKU-specific inventory information daily. Under our watch, in-stocks have improved to 98%.

  1. Michael Arrington, Sr. Analyst, IHS
  2. Nash Information Services, The Numbers