What Has This Pandemic Taught Us About Retail?

-Gerry Marrone, Chief Revenue Officer A whole lot. I live in New Jersey, about 35 miles outside of NYC.  To say we are in the center of this in the USA would be an understatement.  We have been on lockdown since March 21st, and I don’t expect things to change until the beginning of May. 

Retail News Updates – What’s Trending?

In the world of retail, news stories come out so often and so fast that even a retail expert might have difficulty keeping up. If you’re here, we know that you’re passionate about retail, and so are we! At SPAR, we love following the latest retail news stories and using them to learn more about

What is Visual Merchandising and Why is it Important?

The merchandise perfectly displayed in a store window catches your eye, and before you know it, you’re buying multiple items that you never intended on purchasing to begin with! Simply put, that’s the power of utilizing effective visual merchandising for your business. Visual merchandising is creating retail spaces that appear more appealing and enticing, so

What is Required for a Successful Store Remodel?

Online shopping is driving many retail brick-and-mortar stores to revamp and remodel in order to draw in more customers. The retail industry is constantly changing, and therefore so should your retail store.  A store remodel can be extremely beneficial for your business in terms of building your brand equity, increasing sales, and achieving a higher

How to Choose a Retail Merchandising Solution

Do you wish there was a way to perform all of your company’s tasks efficiently while staying ahead of the competition?  Retail merchandising solutions are a great way to help companies provide seamless customer service and maximize revenue for long-term success. The decision to work with professional merchandising solution provides, such as SPAR, is largely

3 Retail Trends to Come in 2020

A new year establishes a fresh start, more opportunities, and brand new trends to watch out for in the world of retail and e-commerce. The retail industry is constantly changing, from cutting-edge advanced technology for shoppers to social media playing a major role in a shopper’s journey. Some retailers have even begun communicating with customers

Benefits of a Planogram in Merchandising

A planogram is a diagram that exhibits how and where particular retail products should be placed on retail shelves or displays, with the intention of increasing consumer purchases. Planograms are truly essential to implement, especially when strategizing your store layout, as well as how your customers will engage with your retail store and products. Properly

2019 Holiday Retail Recap

With Thanksgiving coming later this past November, the holiday shopping window was smaller than usual in 2019. However, this did not stop shoppers from spending! In just a few days, from Thanksgiving to Cyber Monday, countless consumers hit the stores as well as shopped online, generating record numbers in sales. Cyber Monday’s total accumulated to

Winter Retail News – What’s Trending?

You might think that the holiday season is the most important time of year to impress your customers and encourage sales, but you should be striving to keep your stores ahead of the game all year long. Now that the holiday shopping season is over, it’s a great time to evaluate your stores and look

What’s New in Retail in 2020?

At SPAR, we hope that the start of the new decade is going great for everyone reading. Whether you have been in business for years and have a loyal customer base or you’re planning on expanding in 2020, staying up to date on the news of the industry can give you new ideas and insights.