Is Business Intelligence the New Retail?

Any way you look at it, retail is a tough business. Customers have more choices than ever. Competition is increasing every day. Brand loyalty is diminishing. Which makes having a reliable Business Intelligence (BI) solution in your arsenal more critical than ever. Trying to navigate all the hurdles facing retail in 2020 without BI is

Retail, The Next Phase

After a few of the most volatile months in American history, s­helter-in-place rules are beginning to ease up. More people are venturing out of their homes, and slowly gaining the confidence to resume something approaching business-as-usual. Though the full extent of the economic damage is yet to be known, the numbers we do have are

Retail Is Here to Stay

COVID-19 has put a significant strain on the retail industry, with non-essential brick-and-mortar, such as malls, clothing, and toy stores feeling the most acute impacts across the nation. As a result of state-imposed closures, it’s predicted that certain brands might be forced to remain closed permanently. Is this “the last straw” for the retail industry?

Retail After COVID

What Will Retail Look Like When This Is Behind Us? -Gerry Marrone, Chief Revenue Officer I recently read an article where the writer used this phrase – “This Too Shall Pass”.  This saying has a very long history, and was even used by President Abraham Lincoln during one of the challenges he faced.  I don’t

The Retail Response: The Realities of Merchandising During These Unprecedented Times

COVID-19 is unquestioningly having a massive impact on the world, none more so than on retail merchandising. While demand for necessities like food, water, and other household products has remained elevated for a number of weeks. Not surprisingly demand for some products—such as luxury goods—has contracted. Perhaps the greatest challenge retailers are facing are supply

What Has This Pandemic Taught Us About Retail?

-Gerry Marrone, Chief Revenue Officer A whole lot. I live in New Jersey, about 35 miles outside of NYC.  To say we are in the center of this in the USA would be an understatement.  We have been on lockdown since March 21st, and I don’t expect things to change until the beginning of May. 

Retail News Updates – What’s Trending?

In the world of retail, news stories come out so often and so fast that even a retail expert might have difficulty keeping up. If you’re here, we know that you’re passionate about retail, and so are we! At SPAR, we love following the latest retail news stories and using them to learn more about

What is Visual Merchandising and Why is it Important?

The merchandise perfectly displayed in a store window catches your eye, and before you know it, you’re buying multiple items that you never intended on purchasing to begin with! Simply put, that’s the power of utilizing effective visual merchandising for your business. Visual merchandising is creating retail spaces that appear more appealing and enticing, so

What is Required for a Successful Store Remodel?

Online shopping is driving many retail brick-and-mortar stores to revamp and remodel in order to draw in more customers. The retail industry is constantly changing, and therefore so should your retail store.  A store remodel can be extremely beneficial for your business in terms of building your brand equity, increasing sales, and achieving a higher

How to Choose a Retail Merchandising Solution

Do you wish there was a way to perform all of your company’s tasks efficiently while staying ahead of the competition?  Retail merchandising solutions are a great way to help companies provide seamless customer service and maximize revenue for long-term success. The decision to work with professional merchandising solution provides, such as SPAR, is largely