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Documentation of the layout of your store, from the organization of shelving to the placement of specific products, is crucial to maximizing sales and providing a visual representation of your store. Planograms lead you to smarter visual merchandising solutions and increased in-store success. However, the work does not end once your planogram is designed and in place. Maintaining your planogram and ensuring that it meets compliance standards is key to continued success, and each of these processes require a number of steps and considerations.

When you trust SPAR, Inc. with maintenance and compliance of your planogram, you can be assured that your store will not experience any disruptions regarding the use of this important tool. We are leaders in retail merchandising and take the extra steps needed to ensure that your planogram is properly maintained and fully compliant.

Planogram Maintenance

A thorough planogram is crucial for your store’s ability to gain a profit. Maintaining your planogram is just as important as putting it in place. Without maintenance, your planogram will become outdated and no longer be useful for mapping out your store and making product placement decisions. Your store should be constantly evolving, which means your store map will too. Keep a planogram updated often based on customer behavior and shopping patterns. SPAR, Inc. will work with you to make sure that your planogram is frequently refreshed and up to date so that it can properly serve your store.

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Planogram Compliance

Part of planogram maintenance is planogram compliance- ensuring that your planogram reflects exactly what is happening in your store, including making sure that all the right products are in the right place. Compliance also includes the accuracy of the quantity and price of each item in the store. If your planogram is not compliant to the highest standards, your store will struggle to increase foot traffic, and it will be easier for outside forces (like your suppliers) to take control of the layout and organization of your store. Compliance creates accountability, which will bring your store to a greater level of efficiency and success.

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Service Transparency and Access to Data

SPAR places a strong value on result accessibility for our clients. Our SPARview™ technology system provides accurate real-time information meant to speed information flow, streamline processes, and maximize your profits and access to information. This system is customizable to fit your specific needs, dependable, expandable, and easy to use. We feel that it is crucial for the client to have access to thorough information about the services we provide, including planogram maintenance and compliance, so that everyone is informed and able to understand the process.

Expert Planogram Compliance and Maintenance With SPAR, Inc.

SPAR redefines the process of keeping your planogram up to date and ensuring that it is benefitting your store at the highest level. We will work with you to maintain your planogram and ensure compliance so that everything flows smoothly and stays updated. All these efforts work towards maximizing profits, space, efficiency, and success for your store. To learn more about how our retail services and solutions can benefit you, please contact SPAR today.

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