Inventory Management and Replenishment

The key to a successful retail store is making sure you always have the optimal number of products to sell at the right time. Stock replenishment is a cornerstone process of retail management, and over the years the retail industry has innovated intelligent and automatic algorithms to supervise their current inventory. Inventory replenishment has become especially important in today’s omnichannel world, where businesses are expected to provide the best selection of products and customer service to differentiate themselves from the competition, whether this is online or in-store. Stock management is key to not only selling your current products, but also to forecast future demands, reducing mark-downs, and maximizing your stock returns through customer satisfaction.

Out of Stock Management

The last thing you want to happen is to have your best-selling products go out of stock, as this will likely disrupt your daily operations and sales. Out of stock management’s goal is to prevent these dreaded stock-outs by implementing an automated stock management system to ensure your consumers are always satisfied at every step of the supply chain. An optimized stock management system will include detailed and thorough replenishment guidelines. An integral part of your replenishment guidelines will include a reorder point, which is the low inventory level that triggers an automatic replenishment order to the targeted quantity.  Ordering the right amount of product will optimize sales and provide your customers with the best retail experience.

Stock Replenishment with SPARview™

At SPAR, our goal is to create a one of a kind retail merchandising plan designed to streamline your retail strategy and propel your business forward. SPARview™, our innovative global retail service operations systems can seamlessly manage stock replenishment as well as over 170 other applications that are designed to give you the big, transparent picture on how your business is doing. This customizable technology system is fully automated, universal one-stop solution to planning, managing, and reporting the everyday operations of your business.

Your Solution to Stock Management

At SPAR, we deliver – plain and simple. We are the single solution to stock management, assembly and installations, new store sets and remodels, and any other merchandising solutions your business requires. We are a global leader in retail solutions with over 50 years of experience in every aspect of retail merchandising. Our history of global leadership in retail projects has led us to preferred status with some of the most respected and recognizable retailers and brands in the world. Our case studies provide a glimpse into our many stories of seamless execution for our valued clients. With our extensive skill set and dedication to each and every one of our client’s success, you will receive the continual and superior service in every aspect of your retail business. Contact SPAR today to explore our many focuses of retail solutions and learn how you can bring your business to the next level.