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Keep Your Store Fixtures Up to Date with Help from SPAR

Those in the retail sphere are well aware that staying current is the key to success. If the look of your store stays stagnant over time, your customers may get bored – an update like a reset or remodel can rejuvenate your customers’ interest in your store, ensuring that they always have the most pleasurable shopping experience possible. This can also help them consistently find what they need within your space. At SPAR, we strive to help stores reach their fullest potential. We have completed more than 20,000 new store openings, resets and remodels. This type of job often includes fixture changes. When your retail fixtures need an update, SPAR’s team will take on the job while keeping your customers’ needs and the layout of your store at the front of our minds.

When to Change your Retail Fixtures

There are a number of instances where it would be a good idea to change or update your retail fixtures. Any new merchandise sold at your store should be prominently featured, and if your current fixtures do not allow enough space for this, it may be time for a change. If your store fixtures and displays simply look old or outdated, updating them will show your customers that your store is moving forward, and will give your entire space a fresher and newer look. Those who are rebranding should also consider changing their fixtures, because this type of switch may involve a new color scheme or an entire store redesign. If you are considering a complete store reset or remodel, fixture changes will likely be a part of the project. Their inclusion means that each part of your store will receive attention so that the outcome of the remodel meets the needs of both your store and your customers.

Keeping Your Store Current – Project Transparency

Changing your retail fixtures, whether that means expanding or updating them, helps keep your store current and functional for all those who visit. When you work on a store reset or remodel project with SPAR to change your store fixtures, you will receive consistent updates on your project through our SPARview™ management system. This system gives you the opportunity to view the progress and status of your project using customizable dashboards designed to provide 24/7 transparency. This dependable and easy to use system helps SPAR ensure that you are fully satisfied with your project at every checkpoint.

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SPAR Store Remodeling and Fixture Changes

When your store fixtures need an update, you can trust SPAR to make the right choices and execute a successful and efficient redesign. Our store reset and remodel services include a number of services that contribute towards an overall greater store. Our team is skilled and experienced in completing each project we work on, and we are proud to call our clients our partners in the process. We look forward to working with you to enhance and update your store- please contact us to learn more about SPAR and what we do today!