+ Customized to your specific needs
+ Immediate alerts of in-store conditions allowing actions to challenges
+ Adaptive and flexible technology with a proactive staff providing solutions
+ Updates and enhancements continually implemented
+ Planning ability to test “what-if” scenarios
+ Full transparency available real-time
+ Implementation speed – integrated within 30 days, even new countries
+ Dependable and expandable


Key system highlights include:

+ Worldwide comprehensive retail service operations system
+ Limitless amounts of data points that can be collected
+ Data collection uninterrupted without connectivity required
+ Data automatically updated and pushed to clients
+ Web and Mobile devices of SPARview™ RSS dashboard and SPAR On The Go
+ Automated analysis through pictures, videos and graphs
+ Real-time individual store results and analytics with GPS-enabled execution maps
+ Topline and store details for exception management
+ Issue tracking and resolution system fully automated
+ Customizable platform for specific client needs
+ Integration with retailers and brand marketers
+ Consistent system for all countries with the same multilingual and bilingual features
+ Communication flexibility: EDI, FTP/SFTP, XML
+ Six Sigma reliability with multi-server Private Cloud and ISP crash protection
+ 24/7/365 tech report

SPAR Group began over 50 years ago as a retail technology pioneer providing crucial in-store data. Throughout the years we have remained true to our beginnings by investing heavily and leading the industry in technology innovations.


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