Burlington Assembly Roll-Out

Burlington wanted to improve timing of new item placement, improve the appearance of the furniture category within the stores and increase sales. SPAR built a program to deploy assembly teams to build and place all new items within two weeks. We placed pricing and POP on each item and report real-time results and pictures.  The

Dollar Channel Dedicated Team

Family Dollar was looking to find a partner to improve service to the over 8,000 store chain nationally with on-time quality execution of both the retailer and manufacturer initiatives, allowing store personnel to focus on the shopper. SPAR built a flexible schedule of weekly, monthly and ad hoc visits.  Deploying a team of over 2,000

Drug Store Channel Reset

The largest North American Drug Wholesaler wanted to improve service and information for 3,000+ independent pharmacies. SPAR was brought in to replace a competitor and implemented a uniquely focused Dedicated Team. Our team built critical store relationships and provided product and store insight that was used to maximize varying layouts and needs. Aggressive changeovers, new


10+ years conducting store openings, closings, remodels, major reflow initiatives and special needs requests Work closely with multiple Staples teams on planning and execution Praised for our knowledge about their organization and how well we work within it Average of 500 stores per year

Grocery Speed to Shelf

When a major Grocery company wanted faster new item cut-ins than what they were receiving, they turned to SPAR. We provided Dedicated Teams who “owned” specific stores and guaranteed five-day cut-ins across full chain. 45 new items per week per store in 5 days or less. The result was an increase in sales of $26.5MM

Cosmetic Reset

When it comes to selling Cosmetics in the Drug channel, it’s critical to make sure you’re displaying what’s in when it’s in and not when it’s out. When the new spring collection comes out, there is a very small window to get it in the store and on the shelves. A leading Drug chain utilized

Electronics Displays

A leading International Electronics Company needed a partner that could execute 20,000 store visits to build, replenish and maintain displays during a critical 6-week Holiday time frame. They found the partner they were looking for in SPAR. We were able to quickly deploy national coverage to ensure full program compliance. In addition, through our SPARview™

Eyewear Success

In a category where display space is both essential and hard to come by, a Icon Eyewear was looking to increase its visibility through better merchandising. To help achieve its growth objectives, SPAR built a flexible, store-specific merchandising and inventory replenishment program. We provided on-demand deployment based on sales requirements and our teams helped secure

Movie Release Timeliness

For the major movie studios, it is imperative that new DVD and Blu-Ray releases are available to and catch the attention of shoppers on the release date. In an industry projecting $10 Billion in sales in 20151, as much as 50%+ happens within the first week of a release2. For more than 20 years, SPAR

Toy Category Shopability

The largest distributor of tabletop games was looking to drive sales and expand business by ensuring product placement and customer shopability. They were also searching for a new merchandising partner that could improve quality and execution. SPAR coordinated date-specific merchandiser visits with new release shipments, executed weekly 2-day visit windows to maximize sales, and monitored