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meeting client expectations.

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We deliver the right people, at the right time, to execute the right results.

Experienced teams for every need including in-store merchandising, audits, resets, remodels, assembly and installation. We deliver – plain and simple. Single source for merchandising, audits, resets, assembly and installations. Detail management of programs assuring the best outcome. Transparency – honest communication of program status available 24/7 through our SPARview™ system.

Quality execution meeting client expectations is a focused delivery from SPAR. We consistently deliver over 98% execution.


We are a global leader in world class merchandising and marketing solutions. We work with brands and retailers to increase sales, grow profits and drive efficiency. Our focus is service, and Merchandising is a core service offering, delivering experienced teams who provide unique, customized merchandising solutions delivered with real time actionable data. We are retail experts, providing operational excellence to help clients thrive in today’s changing retail environment while streamlining service to drive cost effective solutions. Leveraging strong technology, we provide store level action with valuable insights while identifying trends to ensure program success. We provide in-store merchandising for companies of all sizes. Let us help you increase on-shelf availability, inventory turn, sales and gross margin. We provide a range of services and deploy personnel from a few hours a week to a dedicated team every day.

  • Category and Product Resets
  • Plan-o-gram Maintenance
  • Display and shelf services
  • POP Install & Management
  • Resets and Cut-Ins
  • Price and Inventory Audits
  • Display Setup
  • Stock Replenishment and Rotation
  • Out of Stock Management
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Remodel and Retail Transformation Services

SPAR’s full-service store sets and remodeling capabilities cover a wide range of retail needs and necessities; including new store grand openings, full store remodels, partial store remodels, major reset work involving moving fixtures, light industrial work, general contractor work, relocations and closing stores, and Pop up stores, kiosk and in-store "retail theater". In addition, we support retail store operations as required on a flexible project basis with tasks such as unloading trucks and replenishing shelves.

  • Store Remodels
  • Store Department Resets
  • Omni-Channel Services
  • Fixture Installations
  • Banner Conversions
  • Dark Store Setup
  • Kiosk Services
  • Pop-Up Store Services
  • Store Closings
  • Store Downsizings
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Distribution and Fulfillment Services

SPAR provides fulfillment, distribution and logistics support for Clients. This support can focus on point of purchase material, items for assembly or installation, or consumer products. SPAR's resources ensure whatever the product, it gets to the store or customer as planned in an optimized cost effective manner. Our resources have experience working in DCs for some of the world’s best companies. Different from traditional DC staffing companies, SPAR’s approach can connect DC resources with store needs. SPAR DC staffing services range from: Inbound, Put-away, Picking, Packing, Shipping, Returns Processing, Inventory services and more. SPAR provides senior management, project managers or supervisors to the Client depending on the client need.

  • Distribution Center Staffing
  • POP Fulfillment Services
  • Special Projects
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Assembly & Installation Services


SPAR takes the stress out of furniture and equipment assembly/installation. Our high standards of quality and customer service are perfect for your in-home, office and store assembly needs. By reducing the likeliness of returns, increasing purchases and eliminating damaged product from self-assembly, the respective challenges you may face are no more. We deliver manufacturers, retailers and consumers a comprehensive solution for Ready to Assemble (RTA) furniture and equipment. Our partners have trusted SPAR for over 20 years and we continue to provide the same service that our partners have come to trust.

  • New-store-sets
  • Retail-assembly-installation
  • Home-office-furniture
  • Fitness-equipment
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The journey from ideation to in-store execution in many cases can be overwhelming, and requires numerous touchpoints. With SPAR's Marketing Services, we work with our clients in every step along the continuum. From creative design of the promotion and supporting POS, to managing the in-store promotion, providing in-aisle sales or demo support, or simply ensuring the promotional endcap is ready for the consumer.

  • Sales Promotion
  • Sales Assistance
  • Event Management
  • Brand Launch
  • Creative Design Services*
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With the growing ecommerce space and advancing technology, SPAR is leading the way by leveraging technology and information to ensure our clients have the competitive edge with high quality, engaging and relevant content. Our dedicated teams have the experience to optimize sales and inventory for digital shelf space offering the insights necessary to improve category performance. As well as Digital shelf management, SPAR is building out capability in Digital Signage, Channel Audits and Omni-channel content and Creative marketing support.

  • Digital Signage
  • Content Creation
  • Digital Shelf Management
  • Channel Audits
  • Digital Merchandising
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For many clients, we provide a direct sales or dedicated sales staff who are trained and focused to drive brand and category sales on behalf of our CPG clients. Product demos, consumer surveys, brand ambassadorship are all part of a holistic sales organization focused on the brands they serve.

  • Demand Generation
  • Direct Sales Assistance
  • Experiential Marketing
  • Dedicated Sales Team
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