One of the most innovative teams in the world is waiting for you.

Our culture is guided by our set of core values here at SPAR and we are focused on supporting and celebrating our diverse workforce.

With various positions from merchandisers and assemblers to administrative support teams, there are opportunities for growth at every level.

Field Jobs

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SPAR provides in-store merchandising services to some of the world’s leading retail companies and manufactures. As a Merchandiser, you can service various products, conduct resets, product cut-ins, returns, POP placement, stocking product, and other general merchandising activities. Come join and be part of a great team that is supported and provided the tools to be successful. Be part of the team that delivers excellence with every touch to make the retail stores look great!
brand ambassador
Working with the world’s best consumer goods companies, SPAR team members represent product in stores. Brand Agents works diligently to build and maintain a good working relationship with individual retailers. This can include making sure the presentation and display is set and ready, the pricing is correct, the number of products on the shelf is correct and more. If you love great people and products, this is for you.
With the increasing popularity of online shopping comes more employment opportunities. SPAR’s reputation is the ability to delivering quality, organized, teams of Warehouse Associates. The Warehouse Worker is responsible for varied daily tasks such as restocking shelves, accepting incoming orders, processing and packing orders, counting inventory and ensuring orders are shipped in a timely manner. We are expanding and welcome you to join that team, the team that you’ll be proud to be a part, the team that believes we are better together!
SPAR is a leader of Resets and Remodels for some of the largest retail companies. Our Reset Merchandiser are responsible for following plans when rearranging or replacing fixtures, shelves, stand-alone units, merchandise etc., making the store more navigable to increase product turnover. Remodels Merchandiser teams will remove and reconfigure the whole space while following a very specific plan. These projects can take one to several weeks to complete and when finished, another location is starting. These Merchandising teams are seasoned professionals providing a breath of fresh air into a space providing new look and trends which improves shopability. Come join the best in the business and apply today!
SPAR’s Furniture Assembler works with one of the largest office supply store companies in the country. Furniture Assemblers are in charge of the physical assembly of new office furniture on location, inspecting and fixing what is currently on site to ensure the highest quality is always available for purchase. If you like working with your hands and building, then furniture assembly is perfect for you! Apply now and join a great assembly team!

Client Service Jobs

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Client Director
Client services directors are responsible for overseeing a company's relationship with its clients. They manage the client’s expectations, developing long term relationships, maintaining high retention rates, and build repeat customers. Our directors possess great leadership skills, strong customer service skills, a good knowledge of data analysis, problem-solving, and organization skills.
Client manager
Client Services Manager is a seasoned professional that ensures our clients receive the highest standard of service possible from SPAR. Regular communications with our clients, gathering client feedback and encouraging further sales. Our Client Services Managers lead the client services team ensuring the projects are executed properly and working optimally to meet the service demands.

Technology Jobs

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Software developer
As a Software Developer at SPAR, you will be working with leading edge technology enhancing and scaling the company’s global merchandising WEB based ERP systems. Some develop new applications for mobile or desktop use, while others build underlying operating systems. In this role our software developers identify user needs, build programs, test out new software, and make improvements.
insights engineer
At SPAR the Data Insights Engineer is a crucial part of our development team because they take the information that we gather to the next level. While a data scientist might collect and analyze data, our engineer conceives, develops, and maintains the infrastructure that holds your analytics strategy together. As we move into an age of rapid technological change and transformation, the data insights engineer holds the skills to support new and emerging technologies. SPAR’s team is utilizing leading technologies to drive data insights to a new level.
Data Analyst
Our Data Analysts are critical thinkers, solving complex problems that drives data-driven decisions. The four pillars of analytics descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, and prescriptive brings together theory and practice to identify and communicate data-driven insights that allow managers, stakeholders, and other executives in an organization to make more informed decisions. Being a Data Analyst at SPAR means you are part of a team making a difference in our global success.

Corporate Jobs

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distribution center staff
At SPAR the Warehouse Associates are some of the most adaptable workers in the world, and they’re continually leveraging different skills to perform a variety of tasks within the warehouse. Our warehouse staff is often the backbone of this thriving business, and the work they do allows other departments to function efficiently. Some of the skills to be needed to excel in this position are; basic computer skills, organized and attentive to detail, be physically fit lifting heavy loads up to 70 pounds multiple time a day while being on your feet all day. From entry level to experience, our warehouse associates are provided with great training and career advancement opportunities. Join us and be part of a great team!
Call Center
We operate a call center to support clients all over the country and world. Call center representatives use their knowledge of SPAR’s services to assist clients with inquiries, complaints, or problems. They speak with clients, listen to gain a better understanding of their needs, and offer possible solutions. This can be a great role to learn our business and get started. It requires a real talent for working with people and solving problems. If you have the skills, we want to know who you are!
Travel Team
SPAR teams are constantly on the move and our Travel Coordinator are a valuable member of the team. The travel coordinators are responsible for all travel arrangements for our individuals and teams, including scheduling flights and ground transportation, booking accommodations and handling any other trip-related tasks. Our Travel Coordinators treat everyone as a V.I.P. Come be part of a great team today!
Finance is responsible for taking charge of the financial health of our company by administering accounting operations to meet legal requirements. They are familiar with audits, invoices and budget preparations. Spar finance managing accounting activities, including bank reconciliations, accounts payable and accounts receivable. Ultimately, the team responsible for the day-to-day management of our financial transactions and procedures.
Human Resources
SPAR’s Human Resources are passionate about HR and highly efficient. We support and develop talent through developing policies and managing procedures. We are responsible for administrative tasks and being part of our team, you’ll contribute to making the company a better place to work. Our team of Human Resource professionals are approachable, knowledgeable individuals that provide excellent assistance and support to employees and managers. Join the team that makes SPAR a great place to work!
Our recruiters engage active and passive candidates for full and part-time field positions within the organization. They work with candidates and Hiring Managers to conduct interviews and guide the hiring process in order to ensure a smooth transition from application to hire.

Our People Make The Difference.

The SPAR team is all and more of what I expected!  Thank you for them! They are amazing!!!!  They needed very little guidance …

Store Readiness Manager, National Convenience Store Retailer

SPAR always get sales at every in-store event. It’s like it’s in their DNA as they are well grounded in how to sell.

Mary - Store Manager, Priceline Bourke Street

Since we got into Priceline we have a great team that helps us with all the marketing and logistics, so it’s getting easier to balance everything.

Izzi Dymalovski - Luv UR Self Founder

We are happy to work with SFMJ as our genuine business partner to achieve our goals.

Noriyuki Hoshino - Team Manager, Santen, SPAR Japan

What sets SPAR apart is the ability to change and to adapt. The customer is the company's total focus! And that brings speed, meeting our expectations and generating great results.

Michelle Tsufa da Costa - Commercial VP Pacific Market International

My experience has been very good, from the beginning we worked together to create the platform tailored to the needs of the company and thus be able to make the most of the tool.

Guillermo Huertas - Mercantil

SGRP Meridian are trusted partners in growth. They share our passion for our brands, and it shows in the day to day dedication to sustained excellence in execution.

Alicia Eggington - Sr. Director, P&G

Your partnership has helped to make Hindustan Unilever an institution and earned us the love and respect of India.

Niranjan Gupta - Head Supply Management, Hindustan Unilever Ltd.

My experience with Sparfacts has been nothing short of amazing. The team are incredibly helpful and super easy to communicate with. No job is too hard for Sparfacts and they do an amazing job every time without fail.

Meagan Falla - Design Group

The service levels SPARFacts offers to Revlon is always of high standard and supported with a professional team.


Having SPAR as Nivea's main partner for managing the exclusive Merchandising Team is the key to achieving our goals.


I feel very lucky to have the dedicated team I have in Krystyn, Wendy and Mendi. Their management of the McKesson merchandising program is unparalleled. They are always ready to help me out in any way I need, picking up my calls day and night, supplying me with ad hoc data when I have rush requests, and in any other ways I randomly need help.

They work closely with me to keep our program running smoothly and our customers happy with their service. We are always finding new ways the team is able to assist us with expanding our marketing programs within stores; helping to coordinate and implement new programs such as the sample program, exclusive value shipper, and supplier blitz opportunities just to name a few. I could not be happier with my management team and am very appreciative of the hard work they do everyday!

Alexandria Graziano Colker McKesson - CPG Category Leader

Thank you for a successful launch of Go2Bank. 97% placement within the first round of visits is amazing!!

Your focus and extra is so appreciated.
A special shoutout to the Spar team @Stephanie Kurdi, @Timothy Bohan and @Grace Liney for the magic you made happen within your organization to ensure our success. Many Thanks!

Karen Kane - Green Dot Sr. Manager, Retail Execution

To date my team is incredibly happy with the work being done by your installers as we’ve experienced very few misses from your team. This leads me to believe the communication from your Ops and PM team has been thorough. It’s always pretty easy to pick out the companies that have spend time providing a structured cascade to their teams.

Andrew Davis - Petsmart Manager of New Stores & Vendor Resets

We're very happy with SPARs execution, better than all other 3Ps we work with!

Marilyn Boyd - Foster Grant Operations Manager

I’m very pleased with the performance I’ve seen so far. I appreciate the partnership provided to me by you and your entire team.
I know 2022 is going to be a great year and I’m looking forward to working with you all.

Taylor Tocchio - The Home Depot Field Capital Project Manager

This is excellent work!  Exactly what I was looking for. Thank you!

Ken Block - P&G Operations Manager

Thank you Eddie. 
We had a very hard challenge to accomplish to open our new store in Denver.  By the end of the year to make #50.  
Your willingness, teamwork, attitude, follow up, and collaborative team building were top notch.  You and Thank your team answered the call.  
I appreciate all your hard work and the store went better because of you.

Danny Threet - CVS Project Manager

I have been at Hallmark for 26 years and have worked with lots of external partners in the past and you are THE BEST.  I just want you to know we truly appreciate your hard work and dedication to try to solve issues together!  You are an outstanding partner.  Thanks for all you do to support our team.

Brian Hoisington - Hallmark Category Product Leader

SPAR Field Team,
MJ Holding appreciates the attention given to the Meijer Electronics Initiative and all efforts to complete visits on a shortened service window. These unprecedented times in the trading card category call for action and partnership, so thank you SPAR Reps and Managers for all the extra effort.

Every 3rd party wishes they were doing as well you are.

Angela McConnell - MJ Holding Director, Retail Operations

You and your team have done an exceptional job in fostering a collaborative environment with our Team. This past year has been a challenge and we grabbed it by the horns and did the best we could. Let’s keep growing together!

Art Sabatas - Incomm Executive Director

So far we are very happy with the coverage and communication from you and your team. They want SPAR to be our first call for future projects.

Matt Raven Reynolds - Lead Manager

These unprecedented times in the trading card category call for action and partnership, so thank you SPAR Reps and Managers for all the extra effort.

Angela McConnell - Director, Retail Operations MJ Holding

Our partnership with SPAR has been tremendously instrumental as we continuously improve our third-party merchandising services. Together, we have collaborated on training, conducted performance audits, and implemented lessons learned. SPAR understands our need for accurate and timely execution, and they strive every day to meet our high expectations.

Kelley Cooper - Director MPMO, Family Dollar

Thank you for coordinating the remodels in Staples store numbers 143, 653 and 953 with minimal lead time. I was working in store #143 all week and was especially pleased with your team’s attention to detail, customer service and overall professional approach to the job.

Mike Hern - Director, Merchandising Program Implementation, Staples

The reason we use SPAR really comes down to efficiency. They provide us with the ability to scale as we grow. We also use them to help us conduct new store sets as well as remodels. It really provides us with a level of flexibility, a great deal of responsiveness, and frankly, they're easy to work with. SPAR has demonstrated the ability to be innovative, supportive, flexible, responsive and accountable.

Chuck Wilson - VP Health Mart Pharmacy Operations at McKesson

What I like the most about working for SPAR is I get to work independently, have opportunities to travel, make good connections with store managers and staff, and work with a large variety of products, retailers and marketing processes.

Annika E. - Merchandiser New South Wales

My friendships with my colleagues at SPAR has been the best part of my job. They are always willing to lend a helping hand with challenges I am faced with. We have a diverse team who come from a variety of different career backgrounds and are loaded with creative ways of facing uphill battles.

Katrina D. - Client Services Manager - Canada

I really love and respect SPAR and the people that they employ. The open environment, transparent decision-making, and ethical behavior makes SPAR a wonderful place to work.

Deepak - Assiantant Manager - India

Working at the Spar Brasil is a huge responsibility. Always meeting the expectations of the largest trading agency, it may not seem easy, but with the team we have, we can dream even higher.

Gabriel B. - Digital Designer - Brazil

SPAR gives me the great opportunity to work in this organization, where I put my knowledge into practice and at the same time learn day by day. I also learn every day as well and increase my skill set.

Elvira R. - Regional Manager - Mexico

Each person's opinion is respected. You can always make new discoveries by doing spot jobs for clients in different industries.

Hiromi S. - Account Services - Japan