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At SPAR, our commitment to excellence has led us to continuously evolve and expand our service offerings to serve our clients better. For many years, we have been delivering top-tier services in fulfillment, point-of-purchase (POP) management, and warehouse operations. Recognizing the burgeoning demands of the industry, in 2021, we set up a dedicated division for these services.

We have operational expertise in all areas of logistics, distribution and fulfillment, with a focus on these six disciplines:

Experience in same-day and next-day sortation and micro-fulfillment centers operations.
Handling the national distribution of point-of-purchase (POP) materials for various clients, distributing them to diverse nodes such as resource networks, warehouses, retail stores, and distribution centers as relevant.
Operating third-party returns processing on a project basis or for all year-round operations, ensuring hassle-free operations for our clients.

With an emphasis on excellence, we provide skilled supervisors and managers for warehouse and distribution center operations, effectively complementing and enhancing existing management teams, in addition to supplying labor as needed.

Offering robust inventory control, audit, and compliance services. Whether the product is at warehouses, dark stores, or retail locations, we can integrate with the client's technology or deploy SPAR's systems.

For both new and revamped distribution centers and warehouses, we have led the testing of e-commerce order-picking processes. Our collaboration with equipment providers and retailers ensures optimized material handling.

Our experience in these areas has garnered the trust of a diverse clientele in sectors like mass, drug, grocery, convenience, and discount, as well as CPGs, and manufacturers.

Whatever your business scale or domain, we firmly believe that SPAR’s Distribution and Fulfillment services can provide the bespoke solutions you need. Let us elevate your operations.

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