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We're leaders in merchandising and marketing, boosting sales and efficiency for brands and retailers worldwide. Our expertise in retail and technology-driven approach delivers personalized, data-backed merchandising strategies to enhance operational performance and cost-efficiency. From increasing product availability to improving sales and margins, our wide range of services cater to businesses of all sizes, offering everything from occasional support to daily dedicated teams. Let us drive your success in the dynamic retail landscape.
We provide a range of services and deploy personnel from a few hours a week to a dedicated team every day.
Updating and reorganizing product categories and placements within a store to reflect changes in consumer demand, seasonal trends, or new strategic goals, aiming to enhance shopping experience and optimize sales.
Ensuring that product placement and shelf layout follow the predetermined plan-o-gram designs to maximize sales and maintain a visually appealing shopping experience.
Offering services to set up, organize, and maintain shelves and display units to enhance product visibility and attractiveness.
Installing and managing Point of Purchase (POP) displays that attract customer attention and promote specific products or offers.
Implementing store layout changes, product repositioning, and integrating new products into shelves to refresh the store's appearance and product offerings.
Conducting audits to ensure pricing accuracy across products and evaluate inventory levels to maintain optimal stock availability.
Creating and arranging promotional and seasonal displays to engage customers and boost sales of targeted products.
Restocking shelves and rotating products to ensure freshness, especially for perishable goods, and maintaining adequate inventory levels.
Addressing and mitigating out-of-stock situations by monitoring inventory levels, predicting product demand, and ensuring timely replenishment.

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