June 2024

Shoppers Demand Higher Service Levels from Retail

In a recent survey conducted by SPAR Group, a clear message has emerged from consumers: the in-store shopping experience remains crucial, but there are significant opportunities for improvement. This comprehensive survey, which involved over 1,000 primary or secondary household shoppers, provides valuable insights into current shopping preferences and expectations.

Key Findings from the SPAR Shopper Insights Survey

In-Store Shopping Preferences:

  • Grocery Shopping: An overwhelming 83% of consumers prefer to purchase groceries in-store, highlighting the importance of physical stores in the grocery sector. 
  • Other Retail Formats: More than 45% of shoppers favor in-store purchases at discount, convenience, home improvement, and apparel stores.

Consumer Expectations:

  • Customer Service: 71% of consumers rate good customer service as crucial to their shopping experience. 
  • Speedy Checkout: 69% of respondents emphasize the importance of a quick and efficient checkout process.
  • Engaging Atmosphere: 51% of shoppers value an engaging and enjoyable store environment.

Challenges Identified:

  • Product Availability: 55% of shoppers encounter issues with out-of-stock or locked products.
  • Staffing Levels: 43% of consumers feel that stores are often understaffed, impacting their shopping experience.

Technology Usage:

  • Mobile Applications: 76% of shoppers use mobile apps while shopping, with 47% for price checks, 40% for promotional lookups, and 35% for accessing or downloading promotions.
  • Personalized Experiences: Four in ten consumers are willing to share data with their preferred retailers for a more customized shopping experience.

SPAR Group Survey Reveals

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